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Jeff Libby

Our job - in our craft and sullen Pacific Northwest art - is mostly to reveal what's already there. To bring some clarity and breadth to the narrative in the wood - what an architect might term a minimal intervention. It's mostly about not doing too much, working with the wood to create a maximum content palimpsest... Email Jeff

Adrienne Wicks this work, we're calling on our experience working for studio furniture masters, architects who have seen too much and designers far hipper than us. We're also calling on our own work as architectural designers and builders. Often, we carefully break the rules we were taught and faithfully learned...
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Ida shop cat

...and just to say, at birdloft, we do everything we can to work in an environmentally sustainable way. From initial salvage operations (proudly carried out in Yellow Truck, the biodiesel miser at 40mpg) to packing and shipping (reusing heavy duty recycled cardboard and pallet material for crating), to the wind powering our website, the goal is minimum consumption of new material and maximum reuse. Let us design something for your home landscape. We'll keep it light. Make it beautiful.
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Stubbornly still a frontier town. It's the place we call home. Ripe for experiment, self-invention and at least two good places for a sandwich. Don't let the growl-y, gravity-based dreamlogues keep you in Starbucks. Come find out for yourself. Try it. You’ll like Tacoma.
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