custom reclaimed wood furniture


living light, making beauty | birdloft’s process is sustainable, from the raw reclaimed materials we work with to the wind powering our website. We design and build with reclaimed roughsawn old growth lumber and urban salvage hardwoods. Most often that means the wood is salvaged from century-old barns, warehouses and other agrarian and industrial buildings in Seattle, Tacoma and the greater Puget Sound region.

The sourced steel is also high recycled content steel. Steel almost always has some recycled content, often somewhere around 20 to 25 percent. But the steel we use in the shop has more recycled content than most, more than three times the average, at an estimated 89.5 percent.

All the wood and steel is harvested in a biodiesel-breathing pickup, which combines maximum efficiency (38 mpg) with super serviceable strength (1/2 ton long bed). And the biodiesel itself is produced in Seattle with 100 percent recycled canola oil. So it’s the best, most environmentally responsible biodiesel money can buy.

Back in the workshop, we do all our finishing with locally produced oils and waxes to preserve and protect the wood. Polyurethanes are never used, mostly because they form a barrier between us and the wood. And because after all, wood is a sensual, living thing. We should be able to maintain our connection to it. On the rare occasion when we use paint, that, too, is 100% recycled, imported from Portland, Oregon.

For shipping, we re-use heavy-duty cardboard that has already done service at least once. And we reuse lightweight plywoods and other materials when crating furniture. Living light. Repurposing the resources we already have at hand. Making beauty that floats, for your landscape and home.