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Sustainable furniture design from wood, steel, and air that grounds and uplifts. Small shop, meticulous craft. Calibrated for sanctuary at home.

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At birdloft we craft our pieces meticulously - with the cold ruthlessness normally reserved for hipster designers, and with the ingenuity of architect-craftspeople who understand materials as dynamic forces. And truth be told, we are endlessly transported by the material we work with. See what we’ve made. We’d love to make something for you.

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reclaimed wood

In the best sense, “reclaimed wood” has become an integral part of the urban vocabulary. And at birdloft, we not only speak the language fluently, we know where to find the best of it. We won’t stand for anything less. If you want old deep forest industrial-grade wood with patina, heft, drag and grain, you’ve come to the right place.

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Living light. Repurposing the resources we already have at hand. Making beauty that floats, for your landscape and home.


This is where we step back and murmur, “Amen!” to the generous clients with whom we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate. Check out what people are saying about their birdloft furniture.

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Two architects turned furniture makers, an industrious cat and an indefatiguable love for the art of making. Run something by us. It could be the beginning of an unrepeatable, functional art piece unattainable anywhere else.

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